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Patent # Description
US-D708,830 Shoe outsole
US-D708,829 Shoe midsole
US-D708,828 Shoe midsole
US-D708,827 Footwear
US-D708,824 Shoe
US-8,770,842 Sliding member and manufacturing method thereof
A hemispherical shoe (sliding member) 1 has a flat sliding surface 3, which is quenched to form a quenched portion 7. A part of the quenched sliding surface is...
US-8,770,119 Cover crop residue manager
The residue manager deflects cover crop stalks and flattens cover crop residue during a no-till or minimum-till agricultural planting process. The residue...
US-8,769,845 Shoe conveniently put on and taken off
A shoe that is conveniently put on and taken off includes an outsole, an upper, a supporting piece, and a guiding piece. The upper is attached on the outsole...
US-8,769,751 Method of attaching a traction cleat to a shoe mounted receptacle
A thinner shoe mounted receptacle results from a thin cleat attachment flange received in a shallow receptacle cavity. An angled interface between the cleat and...
US-D708,433 Shoe upper
US-D708,432 Shoe upper
US-D708,430 Shoe periphery and bottom
US-8,768,473 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
In various embodiments, the invention disclosed herein provides systems, devices and methods for providing electrical stimulation to a patient. An electrical...
US-8,764,128 Track-type machine having undercarriage system with sweeping track shoe
A ground engaging track for a track-type machine includes a set of identical standard track shoes each having a relatively narrow shoe footprint, and a sweeping...
US-8,764,065 Skate shoe apparatus and method of manufacture
A skate shoe apparatus may be used with a skate (e.g., an ice skate, a traditional roller skate or an inline skate) to provide a walking surface for a skater...
US-8,764,021 Seal assembly
A seal assembly (10) comprising a sealing body (40), a shoe (42), a first collar (44), and a second collar (46). The shoe (42) is positioned within a space...
US-8,763,769 Brake shoe with multi-function metal insert
The invention is directed to an insert for a backing plate assembly for a composition friction brake shoe. The insert is particularly useful in the formation of...
US-8,763,765 Plunger rod adjuster for compact brake caliper units, having an adjusting lever that abuts on an elastic stop
A disk brake of a rail vehicle, having a brake caliper, the caliper arms of which are coupled with one end to brake shoes and with the other end to a wear...
US-8,763,279 Bicycling shoe and bicycling shoe components
The invention provides bicycling shoes and bicycling shoe components that offer improved comfort, fit, increased efficiency and reduced incidence of injury. The...
US-8,763,278 Footwear assembly with integral footbed suspension system
A footwear assembly with integral footbed suspension system is disclosed. A shoe comprises a sole, a blade extending away from the sole, an Energy Return System...
US-8,763,277 Footware with shock absorbing sole
A shoe including cushioning elements housed in a tread sole adapted to come into contact with the ground, the cushioning elements including a plurality of...
US-8,763,258 Portable band saw
A portable band saw includes a serviceable/replaceable bumper system for allowing the band saw to be easily repaired if damaged from being dropped. An auxiliary...
US-D708,256 Adhesive bandage dispenser in the shape of a shoe
US-D707,978 Shoe rack
US-D707,955 Shoe upper
US-D707,954 Shoe upper
US-D707,953 Shoe upper
US-D707,952 Shoe upper
US-D707,951 Shoe upper
US-D707,950 Shoe upper
US-D707,949 Shoe upper
US-D707,948 Shoe upper
US-D707,947 Shoe upper
US-D707,946 Shoe upper
US-D707,945 Shoe upper
US-D707,937 Shoe insole
US-D707,935 Shoe outsole
US-D707,934 Shoe outsole
US-D707,931 Shoe outsole
US-D707,930 Shoe periphery and bottom
US-D707,929 Golf shoe outsole
US-D707,927 Dance shoe
US-D707,926 Shoe
US-D707,924 Shoe
US-8,762,077 Device and method for measurement of cycling power output
The invention provides a measurement device and method for measuring a cyclist's power output, in response to an external force provided by said cyclist applied...
US-8,758,148 Torsional vibration damper having sliding shoes and a spacing limitation device
One embodiment may include a torsional vibration damper having a primary element, a secondary element and a spring device for torsionally elastic coupling of...
US-8,757,565 Home appliance with support assembly
A floor-standing home appliance in the nature of a range including an appliance body and a support assembly for supporting the appliance body on a support...
US-8,757,038 Method for producing an upper part of a shoe, in particular of a sports shoe
The method produces an upper part of a shoe, in particular a sport shoe, with enhanced wearing comfort. The method entails supplying a shoe last, which...
US-8,756,993 Inertial tracking device, shoe and personal apparatus provided with such a device
An inertial navigation device for fitting to an article that bears intermittently against a surface. The device comprises an inertial unit having at least one...
US-8,756,834 Cushioned athletic cleat
A reinforcing elastic polymer, such as a urethane/rubber material, is selectively spray-applied over upper, midsole or outsole components of articles of...
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