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Patent # Description
US-8,479,411 Adjustably vented shoe and associated method
An adjustably vented shoe including a body adapted to cover an entire user foot therein. Such a body preferably has an outer surface provided with an opening...
US-8,479,336 Multi-functional primer and method of manufacturing shoe using the same
The present invention provides a multifunctional primer, comprising a first solution including 15 to 55 parts by weight of natural rubber and 750 to 1350 parts...
US-D685,567 Shoe
US-D685,566 Shoe
US-8,477,240 Quick shoe for camera tripod
Disclosed is a quick shoe used to mount a camera to a tripod. When the camera is directly coupled with the tripod, too much time is required. The camera is...
US-8,475,232 Grinding machine
A grinding machine includes a machine frame with a work piece support surface on which a work piece may be transporter through the machine. A grinding bar...
US-8,474,906 Roof apparatus
A roof apparatus includes a functional bracket supporting a movable panel, a guide rail, a drive shoe moving along the guide rail, a front link connected to the...
US-8,474,666 Ankle foot orthosis and shoe donning device
An ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe donning device is disclosed comprising an L-shaped AFO cradle with unitarily formed hinge pins for releasable and...
US-8,474,156 Vibration generating shoe and vibration device thereof
The present invention relates to a vibration generating shoe including: an upper part; an outsole part disposed on the underside of the upper part; and a...
US-8,474,154 Footwear for walking or running with rolling action
A footwear sole assembly (10) for walking with a rolling action is described. An elastically compressible midsole element (33) is provided with a rolling...
US-8,474,153 Adaptable shoe cover
The present invention provides a shoe cover to adaptively fit over a shoe. The show cover has a sole, which includes at least two rigid bands of rigid material,...
US-8,474,145 Locking element adjustment system for cycle shoes
A locking element adjustment system for cycle shoes has a base element and a receiving element. The receiving element serves for the positionally exact...
US-D685,195 Sheet material
US-D685,176 Shoe upper
US-D685,175 Shoe upper
US-D685,174 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D685,170 Shoe upper
US-D685,167 Shoe midsole
US-D685,166 Shoe midsole
US-D685,164 Slip simulation shoe cover
US-D685,163 Shoe
US-D685,162 Shoe
US-8,469,177 Diverter for sorter and method of diverting
A positive displacement sorter and method of diverting articles includes providing a plurality of interconnected parallel slats defining an endless web that...
US-8,468,881 Brake drum measuring and inspecting device
An apparatus for inspecting brake drums to quickly determine whether the drums pass or fail inspection comprising a housing dimensioned to be inserted between...
US-8,468,723 Adjustable shoe
An expandable and adjustable baby shoe or bootie which can be customized to fit during a baby's first two years. The concept is to allow the baby shoe to be...
US-8,468,722 Shoe, in particular running shoe or ski boot, and skiing equipment
A shoe contains an adjustable space for the foot and several fluidically connected chambers. In order to adjust the space for the foot, the flowability of a...
US-8,468,721 Footwear with integrated biased heel fit device
A shoe structure specifically designed to more securely fit a wider range of feet widths and proportions by providing an integrated resilient heel device in the...
US-8,468,656 Concealed casement window hinge with roller and integral shipping block
A hinge for a hingedly movable sash in a window having a frame, including a track assembly having a track and a shoe engageable with the track and reciprocally...
US-D684,761 Shoe upper
US-D684,760 Shoe upper
US-D684,759 Shoe upper
US-D684,758 Shoe upper
US-D684,756 Shoe outsole
US-8,467,979 Intelligent sport shoe system
The present invention is directed to a system for providing information to an athlete concerning the efficiency with which the athlete is using energy in moving...
US-8,466,433 Integrated footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system
Introducing ultraviolet (UV) light to alter the environment inside a shoe or other footwear destroys microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Visible light can...
US-8,465,026 Safe roller shoe structure
A safe roller shoe structure contains a body and a base, the base includes four rollers, characterized in that a pedal is lower than an upper periphery of each...
US-8,464,996 Jump form system
A jump form system provided variously with an integral jump shoe lock mechanism, a reversible gang form shear platform, and a pinion lock mechanism for a roll...
US-8,464,466 Window having a counterbalance system that maximizes egress opening
A counterbalance system for a window assembly having a window sash that moves in a guide track. The counterbalance system has a first stop mounted in the guide...
US-8,464,442 Shoe device with electronic graphic designs
A shoe device comprising a shoe component; at least one electronic display disposed on a portion of the shoe component, the electronic display is constructed...
US-8,464,383 Fabric-earing outsoles, shoes bearing such outsoles and related methods
A method for making a shoe outsole comprises placing rubber against a coating of cured rubber cement on a segment of fabric, heating the rubber to a temperature...
US-D684,352 Shoe upper
US-D684,351 Shoe upper
US-D684,350 Shoe upper
US-D684,349 Shoe outsole
US-D684,347 Shoe outsole
US-D684,345 Baseball flat heel shoe
US-D684,344 Football flat heel shoe
US-D684,343 Football high heel shoe
US-8,463,657 Self-help system and method for selling footwear
A system and method of selling and distributing custom-fit shoes by a footwear manufacturer or seller. Each footwear includes a shoe shell with a foot bed...
US-8,461,222 Shoe sole component
There is provided a shoe sole component that has properties such as strength and cushioning property that are suppressed from being changed even under a wide...
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