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Patent # Description
US-D646,301 Shoe for swash plate type compressor
US-8,025,191 Health care system
The present invention relates to a health care system comprised of a sock aide, a reacher and a shoe horn. The sock aide is removably coupled to the reacher by...
US-8,024,953 Lubricant for hot working and method for producing seamless steel pipe
There is provided a lubricant for hot plastic working, which contains 20 to 40 mass % of iron oxide and 10 to 30 mass % of sodium silicate, wherein impurities...
US-8,024,872 Shoe sole protector
A multi-layered protector is adapted to attach to and cover the entire sole of a shoe to protect the sole from being marred or otherwise damaged when the shoe...
US-D645,656 Shoe ornamentation
US-D645,652 Cycling shoe
US-D645,651 Athletic shoe
US-D645,650 Shoe
US-D645,649 Shoe
US-8,020,791 Pivoting shoes for an impact crushing apparatus
The present invention provides an impact crushing apparatus that includes a housing, a chamber defined within the housing, a rotor assembly for receiving...
US-8,020,699 Shoe box divider
A shoe box having one or more integrally formed dividers extending from the end of the shoe box, with the dividers shaped and sized to extend laterally across...
US-8,020,322 Multi-traction effect shoe cleat
A cleat for a shoe has an annular array of different types of angularly spaced traction elements disposed about and depending from a hub periphery. The array...
US-8,020,320 Collapsible shoe
An article of footwear including an upper formed of a flexible upper material and a sole formed of a flexible sole material, wherein the sole is rolled, folded,...
US-8,020,319 Shoe with elastic bindings to receive interchangeable straps
An interchangeable shoe strap system that permits the user to customize the fit and aesthetics of her footwear. The shoe includes a sole member 22 with an upper...
US-8,020,318 Quick-Assembly Footwear
Melded footwear and process for manufacture of footwear. This enhanced shoe can be formed and assembled with a limited number of steps and without the need for...
US-8,020,317 Footwear with integrated biased heel fit device
A shoe structure specifically designed to more securely fit a wider range of feet widths and proportions by providing an integrated resilient heel device in the...
US-D645,242 Decorative shoe lace flap
US-D645,241 Shoe upper
US-D645,240 Shoe
US-D645,238 Shoe
US-D645,236 Shoe
US-D645,233 Novelty dragon shoe
US-D645,232 Novelty puppy shoe
US-8,016,127 Device for storage of shoes
A shoe storage device adapted for deployment upon a horizontal support surface has upper and lower elongated insert members positioned one above the other in...
US-8,015,936 Rowing boat footrest assembly
A rowing boat footrest assembly is provided with a stationary boat mounting, a shoe support and a lateral adjustment mechanism. The stationary boat mounting...
US-8,015,863 Chassis dynamometer having an eddy current brake with adjustable air gap and modular components
A chassis dynamometer is disclosed having a dynamometer drum member, a housing member to house a stator, a shoe member to form a gap with the dynamometer drum...
US-8,015,731 Interchangeable fashion covering for a high heel shoe
An interchangeable glove-like covering for the toe end of a woman's high heel shoe that is used to change the visual appearance of the shoe. The covering has an...
US-8,015,729 Draining insole for shoes
A draining insole for shoes that dislodges foreign objects therein is disclosed; the insole has a plurality of bridges projecting from the insole and with an...
US-8,015,728 Shoe insert for heating and cooling foot
A shoe insert to be used for heating or cooling the foot. They are to be manufactured and sold as pairs of left and right shoe inserts. The insert has a number...
US-8,015,689 Tag tool protective device, system, and method
A protective assembly for a tag tool includes a shoe, a shoe spring coupled to the shoe, a tag spring, and a thimble. The shoe includes a shoe bore extending...
US-D644,828 Upper for a shoe
US-D644,827 Shoe outsole
US-D644,826 Shoe outsole
US-D644,825 Shoe bottom with a cylindrical toe base
US-8,011,482 Electric actuator unit for a vehicle brake assembly
An improved structure for an electric actuator unit for use in a brake assembly. According to an embodiment, a drum brake assembly comprises a mounting flange...
US-D644,421 Shoe bottom
US-8,008,363 Shoe sole component
There is provided a shoe sole component that has properties such as strength and cushioning property that are suppressed from being changed even under a wide...
US-8,007,890 Article in a sheet form and method for preparation thereof
The sheet material produced in accordance with the invention has soft and enriched texture like natural leather and is suitable as any type of artificial...
US-8,007,385 Sliding contact guide for transmission device
In a sliding contact chain guide of the kind used in the timing transmission of an internal combustion engine, the back of the guide shoe, which engages a metal...
US-8,006,411 Ball and socket 3D cushioning system
The invention relates to a sliding element for a shoe sole. The sliding element includes an upper sliding surface and a lower sliding surface, wherein the lower...
US-8,006,410 Shoe, particularly sport or leisure shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, especially for sport or leisure, comprising an upper, a sole and a lacing device having at least one clamping strip passing...
US-8,006,409 Spike assembly for sport shoes
A spike assembly for sport shoes includes a base with a tubular portion. A plurality of protrusions extends from the base portion in an axial direction of the...
US-8,006,355 Lawn crypt covering system and method
A lawn crypt covering system that provides a substantially continuous exterior surface between adjacent crypts is disclosed. The covering system includes a...
US-D644,020 Shoe upper
US-D644,017 Shoe upper
US-D644,016 Shoe upper
US-D644,015 Shoe upper
US-D644,014 Shoe upper
US-D644,013 Shoe upper
US-D644,012 Shoe upper
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