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Patent # Description
US-D668,440 Three-toed shoe
US-D668,439 Shoe sole
US-8,280,681 Pressure-based weight monitoring system for determining improper walking or running
A system of monitoring weight of a person includes a plurality of pressure sensors integrated with a shoe, for generating wireless signals responsive to weight...
US-8,278,921 Apparatus and method for detecting metallic objects in shoes
An inspection system positions a balancing shim to asymmetrically balance a magnetic field generated by an inductive sensor, which forms part of the inspection...
US-8,277,460 Impactor
An impactor for positioning and holding a surgical or veterinary prosthetic implant while it is being driven into position, said impactor including: (a) an...
US-8,276,991 Guide shoe for a roller-type loader and wear inserts for guide shoes
A guide shoe for a shearer loader, in particular for a shearer-loader drive assembly, comprising at least one base wall, comprising a guide projection, on the...
US-8,276,934 Device for securing a footwear to a sliding board
The securing device, to be mounted on a ski-board, includes a main body with a support base for a sole, two lateral flanges, and an assembly for the attachment...
US-8,276,717 High/low shoe abutment
A disc brake assembly includes an anchor having a pair of spaced apart inwardly facing contoured surfaces between which a disc brake backing plate having an...
US-8,276,294 Vapor-permeable element to be used in composing soles for shoes, sole provided with such vapor-permeable...
A vapor-permeable element to be used in a composition of soles for shoes, including: a supporting frame, which delimits substantially at least one through hole;...
US-D668,035 Shoe upper
US-D668,034 Shoe upper
US-D668,033 Shoe upper
US-D668,032 Shoe upper
US-D668,031 Shoe upper
US-D668,029 Portion of a shoe
US-D668,028 Shoe
US-D668,025 Spat
US-8,275,093 Walk-through shoe inspection system
An apparatus and method for x-ray inspection of footwear while the footwear is worn on the feet of walking persons. A source of penetrating radiation, such as...
US-8,272,150 Shoe sole mounting standard for bicycle cleat
The present invention is embodied in a mounting standard for mounting a cleat assembly to a shoe sole having a curved underside portion and a plurality of...
US-8,272,148 Sports shoes having upper part with improved fitting property
A sports shoe has a sole S absorbing a shock of landing, an upper U covering an instep of a foot, and a fastening member 3 fitting the upper U to the instep of...
US-8,272,147 Structure of multi-elastic insole for shoes
The present invention relates to a structure of a multi-elastic insole for shoes wherein a plurality of polyurethane foams having different elasticity from one...
US-8,272,146 Spring-loaded jumping shoes
A spring-loaded jumping shoe featuring a shoe component comprising a sole, a top, and a foot hole; a track disposed in the sole of the shoe component; an...
US-8,272,110 Shoe lace
The present invention is directed to an improved shoe lace comprised of a plurality of bendable support elements permanently held within a limp material at each...
US-D667,630 Shoe-mounted holder
US-D667,627 Shoe upper
US-D667,626 Shoe upper
US-D667,625 Shoe upper
US-D667,618 Shoe bottom
US-D667,616 Shoe
US-D667,615 Shoe
US-D667,613 Shoe protector
US-8,267,945 Clip advancer with lockout mechanism
A surgical clip applier and methods for applying surgical clips to a vessel, duct, shunt, etc., during a surgical procedure are provided. In one embodiment, a...
US-8,267,421 Snowboard binding with a controlled instep element
The invention relates to a snowboard binding with a sole-plate which is to be fastened on the surface of a snowboard and to which, firstly, an instep element is...
US-8,267,229 Railway brake shoe
A brake shoe without a metal backing has a metal insert comprising two spaced apart bodies, a connecting portion having a back face adjacent to the back surface...
US-8,267,183 Gripper for coiled tubing injectors
The current invention relates to an improved gripper for use within a coiled tubing injector unit. The improved gripper comprises a carrier for securing the...
US-8,266,825 Shoe sole element
A shoe having an outsole and an insole. The outsole has an upper surface in contact with the lower surface of the insole. The upper surface of the outsole has...
US-8,266,769 Clip for ornamentation and method of using same
A clip is adapted to be secured to an item fitted using a closure device. The item is typically a shoe that is laced wherein the closure device is a shoelace....
US-D667,212 Shoe buckle
US-D667,211 Shoe upper
US-D667,206 Shoe bottom
US-D667,203 Shoe
US-D667,200 Shoe
US-8,264,104 Motor for optical systems
A motor for optical systems, for example endoscopes, has a stator with two permanent magnets having poles which are disposed in the same direction and are...
US-8,262,864 Paper making shoe press belt
This aims to provide a paper making machine belt (a shoe press belt) having excellent wet squeezability but less damages (such as cracks or wear) of the outer...
US-8,261,890 Brake assembly with brake shoe and brake lining plate, and associated method
A brake assembly of the type having a brake shoe platform and one or more brake plates mounted on the platform, each brake plate having a brake lining and a...
US-8,261,468 Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
This invention relates generally to footwear with a shoe sole, including at least one insertable midsole orthotic. The insertable midsole orthotic is removably...
US-D666,802 Upper for a shoe
US-D666,801 Upper for a shoe
US-D666,799 Shoe upper
US-D666,798 Shoe upper
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