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Patent # Description
US-D675,411 Shoe outsole
US-D675,410 Shoe sole
US-D675,409 Shoe sole
US-8,361,004 Foot abduction apparatus
An improved foot abduction apparatus allowing movement in a horizontal and vertical plane. The embodiments allow a user to more easily manipulate the apparatus...
US-8,360,904 Sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof
A sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, the system comprises at least one monitor and an...
US-8,360,474 Wheeled cart for carrying and securing snowsports equipment and personal items, and business methods and...
A two-wheeled cart for carrying snowsports equipment including skis, boots, poles, snowboards, helmets and personal items is disclosed. The cart incorporates a...
US-8,360,214 Brake shoe support assembly and method
The brake shoe support assembly is able to track the lateral movement of a wheel, typically a wheel on an axle truck that allows lateral wheel movement. In...
US-8,359,958 Emergency braking system of a machine tool
An emergency braking system of a machine tool for the abrupt braking of a rotating shaft of the machine tool having at least one brake drum and at least one...
US-8,359,773 Series of sports shoes, such as ski boots, snowboard boots or suchlike, of different sizes, combination of two...
Series, combination of series and method to produce sports shoes of different size, in which each sports shoe of different size comprises a casing substantially...
US-8,359,771 Sports shoe, in particular ski shoe and tightening means therefor
The invention relates to a sports shoe (1) with an outer shell (2) made of injection moulded plastic, in particular a ski shoe with at least one tightening...
US-8,359,769 Chimney structures for footwear
The present invention employs chimneys and chimneys structures to move or vent heat and moisture away from the foot and out of the microclimate of the shoe. The...
US-D675,119 Shoe insert with electronic data module
US-D675,020 Shoe storage box
US-D675,008 Shoe upper
US-D675,007 Shoe upper
US-D675,006 Shoe upper
US-D675,005 Shoe outsole
US-D675,004 Insole for a shoe
US-D675,002 Shoe sole
US-D675,001 Shoe sole
US-D675,000 Shoe sole
US-D674,999 Shoe sole
US-D674,998 Shoe sole
US-D674,997 Shoe sole
US-D674,996 Portion of a shoe
US-8,356,426 Article of footwear
A kit comprising at least one shoe and at least one detachable sole section. An article of footwear comprising a shoe and at least one means for connecting the...
US-8,356,425 Breathable waterproof sole for shoes
A waterproof breathable sole for shoes, which comprises, for at least part of its extension, at least two structural layers, a lower one provided with a...
US-D674,588 Shoe upper
US-D674,584 Shoe bottom
US-D674,583 Shoe sole
US-D674,582 Shoe sole
US-D674,581 Shoe sole
US-8,353,807 Drop foot device
A method for compensating functional disabilities of the foot of a wearer including the steps of placing a shoe on a wearer; attaching a first attachment member...
US-8,353,116 Sandal with adjustable straps and interchangeable mix and match straps and insoles
A sandal which includes two molded plates which releasably lock together. The underside of the male plate contains a male lock, and its front and rear underside...
US-8,353,088 Shoelace tightening device
A shoelace tightening device. A housing has a base plate affixed to the tongue of a shoe, and a side wall formed on the base plate. A rotation member has a...
US-D674,189 Set of shoe sleeves
US-D674,178 Shoe upper
US-D674,176 Shoe
US-D674,175 Shoe
US-D674,174 Shoe
US-D674,173 Shoe
US-D674,172 Shoe
US-D674,171 Shoe
US-D674,170 Shoe
US-8,348,371 Utilizing a printer to customize apparel in a retail facility
Customized articles of footwear are produced by providing options and graphics that are selected by a customer when submitting a custom order at a retail...
US-8,348,284 Roller skate
A roller skate having enhanced durability and stability is disclosed. Furthermore, the roller skate is particularly adapted for affixing to a person's footwear,...
US-8,348,035 Pressing-on device for a current collector and method for energy transmission
A current collector for a rail vehicle and a method for transmitting energy from power rails to the vehicle employ a contact shoe that includes an upper sliding...
US-8,347,983 Drilling with a high pressure rotating control device
A Drill-To-The-Limit (DTTL) drilling method variant to Managed Pressured Drilling (MPD) applies constant surface backpressure, whether the mud is circulating...
US-8,347,702 Tracked vehicle track backer pad and road wheel tire test machine and method
A testing machine tests the durability of backer pads on the track shoe assembly and the surface of the road wheel. The test machine utilizes two eccentric...
US-8,347,527 Shoe sole with integrated slip prevention elements
A shoe sole and a shoe comprising such a shoe sole are described, with the shoe sole being equipped with integrated anti-slipping elements which are adjustable...
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