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Patent # Description
US-D620,578 Shoe sanitizer
US-D620,244 Shoe sole
US-D620,241 Shoe upper
US-D620,239 Shoe
US-D620,238 Shoe
US-D620,237 Shoe slipper
US-D620,236 Expandable protective sports spat for cleated or spiked sports shoe
US-7,758,655 Method for creating colored socks to match a suit
Methods for coloring socks to match suits, trousers, or shoes involves identifying a dye specification for suit material, trouser material or shoe material. The...
US-7,758,523 Remote sensing shoe insert apparatus, method and system
A method, apparatus and system for communicating to a remote location a representation of a physical condition caused by a foot. The method involves...
US-7,758,438 Golf aid apparatus
The golf aid apparatus provides for instant fit and removal from either of a golfer's shoes, left or right. The apparatus fits the toe of the employed shoe and...
US-7,758,394 Sporting system
A sporting system is described, having a sport board that can be attached to a shoe construction using Velcro.RTM..
US-7,758,247 Journal bearing having surface-contact retained shoes
A journal bearing, and a method of using the same, that prohibits relative movement between an aligning ring and the bearing shoes in the axial direction through...
US-7,757,910 Shoe-cover dispenser
A shoe-cover dispenser is described, including, for example, features that facilitate the simultaneous loading of multiple shoe covers and/or features that...
US-7,757,822 Disc brake caliper
An opposed piston disc brake caliper has a caliper housing arranged for mounting brake shoes on each of opposite sides of a rotor. The rotor in use is disposed...
US-7,757,598 Hydrostatic bearing arrangement for pump swashplate having secondary angle
A hydraulic axial piston pump is designed with a secondary swashplate angle for providing improved performance and life. The secondary swashplate angle produces...
US-7,757,414 Footwear with pivotal and/or rotatable tongue
A revolving tongue for application to footwear provided a central pivot point that rotatably connects to a crossbar of the footwear, the crossbar extending...
US-7,757,413 Magnetic swivel sports shoes
A shoe that relates to safety of the participants' when sports shoes with cleats are employed, e.g. golf, football, and soccer. Knee, ankle, & hip injuries are...
US-7,757,408 Shoe having improved Opanka stitching
The invention relates to a shoe and method for providing a shoe having an outsole with an outside surface, an upper, a liner with an inside surface, and a stitch...
US-7,757,406 Vehicle travel grade indicator (VTGI)
A method and device for determining the grade/slope of the road upon which a vehicle is traveling and displaying said grade/slope through a visual display that...
US-7,757,338 Shoe shine box
A shoe shine box has a base defining an inclined opening and a lid closing the opening. A shoe rest is attached to one side of the lid, the shoe rest having an...
US-7,757,325 Custom fit system and method for custom fitting athletic shoes
A system for custom fitting athletic shoes to an individual wearer includes a foot measurement device, an adjustable footform and an infrared activation chamber....
US-D620,095 Shoe sanitizer
US-D619,797 Shoe
US-D619,794 Shoe
US-D619,791 Shoe protector tip
US-D619,790 Children's shoe
US-7,755,246 Pole piece structure of stator with radial winding
The present invention relates to a pole piece structure of stator with radial winding, which employs an optimum ratio .alpha. to define the form of the pole...
US-7,755,245 Synchronous motor with permanent-magnet rotor
A synchronous motor with permanent-magnet rotor, of the type comprising a stator with corresponding windings and a rotor arranged between pole shoes formed by...
US-7,753,798 Systems, methods, and devices for monitoring card games, such as baccarat
Gaming systems, methods, and devices for determining or verifying the outcome of a card game, for example the card game of Baccarat. The systems, methods, and...
US-7,752,777 Shoe sole having reinforced strength
A shoe sole includes a sole bottom portion and an enclosure integrally formed on a periphery of the sole bottom portion. The sole bottom portion forms a hard...
US-7,752,774 Powered shoe tightening with lace cord guiding system
The automatic shoe lace tightening system or power lace has a switch on the shoe upper to activate a small battery powered slow speed motor fixed into a recess...
US-7,752,701 Cleaning device for golf equipment
A device for cleaning golf equipment such as golf clubs and golf shoe includes a handle, a brush head surface formed in an underside of the handle at a proximal...
US-7,752,695 Shoe and shoe-making process using temporary insert
Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for manufacturing a shoe sole, in which a shoe sole is preliminarily assembled by bonding...
US-D619,348 Athletic shoe with heel strap
US-D619,343 Shoe sole
US-D619,342 Shoe
US-D619,340 Shoe
US-D619,339 Protective sports spat for cleated or spiked sports shoes
US-D619,338 Protective sports spat for cleated or spiked sports shoes
US-7,751,832 Wireless location devices and process of manufacture
Wireless location device and process of manufacture including a location device for use in an encasement or a shoe, the shoe including a footbed having a first...
US-7,748,858 Photographic diffuser
A photographic light diffuser for mounting to a camera with a hot shoe and an internal flash including a light diffuser and a diffuser mount removably attachable...
US-7,748,555 Spring-loaded secondary seal for floating-roof storage tank
A low-profile secondary seal for floating-roof storage tanks has a tip seal that is mounted on a series of segmental adapter plates connected to the shoe plates....
US-7,748,145 Footwear with banding device
The banding device for application to a segment of footwear, whether it be to the heel, sole, around the vamp portion of the shoe, in any combination thereof,...
US-D618,897 Shoe
US-D618,896 Supportive shoe insert member
US-D618,895 Golf shoe outsole
US-D618,894 Shoe sole
US-D618,892 Shoe
US-D618,891 Shoe
US-7,744,513 Leg lift device and associated method
A leg lift device is provided for attachment to a shoe. The leg lift device includes a sole, an optional lift insert and a shoe receiver attached to the sole....
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