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United States Patent Application 20110299909
Kind Code A1
Madappattu; Varughese Mathew December 8, 2011

Easy color hair Brush


Self hair coloring made simple & easy with the new design of the Easy color hair brush. Easy color hair brush has the look & feel of a conventional paddle brush. The head of the color brush is a container to hold one full application with an easy fill cap, the squeezable handle pumps the right amount of hair color with no mess, and each pins at the bottom have 2 holes each at different levels for maximum coverage. The easy color hair brush is easy to clean and is reusable.

Inventors: Madappattu; Varughese Mathew; (Tempe, AZ)
Assignee: Madappattu; Varughese Mathew

Serial No.: 859111
Series Code: 12
Filed: August 18, 2010

Current U.S. Class: 401/28
Class at Publication: 401/28
International Class: A46B 11/02 20060101 A46B011/02; A45D 19/02 20060101 A45D019/02


1. A hair products self applicator with the shape of paddle hair brush, the head portion of the brush act as a container to store hair products like hair color, hair oil or hair gel, and has a cap on top of the head for filling the container, a separate squeezable handle directly connected to head for applying controlled pressure to the product inside head container, the evenly placed multiple pins on the bottom of the head container have 2 holes each in every pins one hole on one side and other hole on other side of the pin 180 degrees each other.

2. The hair coloring brush applicator of claim 1, has handle act as squeezable handle which is separate from container but it is connected horizontally to head container and has approximately 5 inch in length.

3. The hair coloring brush applicator of claim 1, has pins at the bottom of the brush which has two holes each located 2/4.sup.th and 3/4.sup.th length of the pin, each pins are 180 degree apart for hair products (color, gel or oil) to come out.

4. The hair coloring brush applicator of claim 1, has head portion act as a fill able container to store hair products (color, gel or oil). and has a cap at the top for filling products.


[0001] 61/241,915 Sep. 13, 2009 Varughese Madappattu.


[0002] This substitute specification includes no new matter.


[0003] Not Applicable


[0004] Not Applicable


[0005] 1. Field of the Invention

[0006] This invention is applies to applicators used for self application of hair color, hair gel, hair oil products.

[0007] 2. Description of Related Art

[0008] Hair coloring is one of the necessities of a human life in today's fast moving world for many like daily shaving. Applications of hair coloring effectively without the help of additional hands and without making mess are an extremely important requirement.

[0009] There are many types of applicator combs in prior art and some are currently available in market. But what Easy color hair brush focusing is on a faster way of applying color using hair brush and it should be as simple and easy as daily brushing hair.

[0010] The applicator that mentioned in this invention has the same look and feel of ordinary paddle brush, with almost all functionalities of paddle brush, plus can be used for applying color, gel, or oil evenly to hair. For example the invention mentioned in prior art U.S. Pat. No. 7,647,933 Morgenstern , et al. Jan 19, 2010 has the limitation on number of pins the color comes out, at one step user may not be able to apply more areas of the hair like a brush covers in one comb, also the container itself is used for squeezing color out with that a controlled amount of liquid is not possible, the prior art mentioned in U.S. Pat. No. 6,526,987 Gioia Mar. 4, 2003 has the difficulty to hold the applicator perpendicular to the hair or application area so applying back area of the hair makes it even difficult, and that too cover only root portion of the hair, not the whole part. This prior art has the limitation of number of pins.

[0011] Like many prior art like these have the common difficulties of not having the shape of brush, more area coverage, and squeezing handle separate from the color holding container, position and direction of the squeezing mechanisms.


[0012] An easy self hair coloring applicator with the shape of a paddle brush, applicator has mainly three parts, the squeezable handle, a container top portion to hold the products (color, gel or oil), and several pins at the bottom, with each pin has two or three holes for liquid to flow out.

[0013] The paddle brush design allow user to apply more areas in one combing. The product (color, gel or oil) filled in the head portion of the brush which acts as container; this has a cap on top. The handle connected to the head portion of the brush horizontally act as a pumping mechanism, based on the amount of squeeze pressure the limited amount of product flows through pins. The pins of the brush have two holes evenly located 2/4.sup.th and 3/4.sup.th position of each pin for even spread and maximum coverage.


[0014] FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the applicator according to the invention.

[0015] FIG. 2a is a right side view of the applicator

[0016] FIG. 2b is a right side view of the applicator

[0017] FIG. 3a is a left side view of the applicator

[0018] FIG. 3b is a left side view of the applicator

[0019] FIG. 4 is a top view of the applicator

[0020] FIG. 5 is a bottom view of the applicator

[0021] FIG. 6 is a side view of applicator pins with the view of two different holes


[0022] As shown in FIG. 1 the perspective view of the easy color hair brush applicator has the look and feel of paddle brush.

[0023] As shown in FIG. 2a & FIG. 2b the right hand side view of the easy color hair brush applicator has a container 1 for storing products like hair color, hair gel or hair oil. The container is directly filled by opening the cap 3. and close the cap 3 once product is filled. The squeezable handle 2 connected directly to head 1.

[0024] As shown in FIG. 4 the easy open and close cap 3 is directly connected to the head container 1 portion of the applicator brush. The cap 3 is circular in shape and has 1.5 cm external radius. The cap 3 is rotates clockwise to close and anticlockwise to open.

[0025] As shown in FIG. 5 the pins 4 of the brush are connected to head container 1. The pins 4 are evenly distributed with a gap of 0.3 cm apart. The close-up look of pins 4 are shown in FIG. 6. Each pin 4 has two holes 4b and 4b located 2/4.sup.th and 3/4.sup.th of pin 4 length. In each squeeze of handle 2 the product comes out from container 1 though these holes 4a & 4b. Approximately 150 to 175 pins are connected to head container 1 with equal distance between pins.

[0026] As shown in FIGS. 3a & 3b head container 1 has a length of 5 inches, and hollow space inside to store the product. The product can fill into container 1 by opening the cap 3. Container 1 is connected with squeezable handle 2, and pins 4 at the bottom portion. The squeezable handle 2 is used for building pressure inside the container 1.

[0027] As shown in FIG. 3a, squeezable handle 2 has a length of 5 inches. The squeezable handle connected to head container 1 and it has a hanging hole 5 for hanging applicator.

* * * * *

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