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United States Patent D789,381
Okumura ,   et al. June 13, 2017

Display panel or screen with graphical user interface


CLAIM The ornamental design for a display panel or screen with graphical user interface, as shown and described.
Inventors: Okumura; Mitsuo (Tokyo, JP), Takaki; Goro (Kanagawa, JP), Akagawa; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP), Furue; Nobuki (Osaka, JP), Asai; Satoshi (Saitama, JP), Komatsu; Hidehiro (Tokyo, JP), Arai; Koji (Tokyo, JP), Niijima; Makoto (Saitama, JP), Yasui; Shigeya (Kanagawa, JP), Masubuchi; Youko (Tokyo, JP)
Name City State Country Type

Sony Corporation



Assignee: SONY CORPORATION (Tokyo, JP)
Appl. No.: D/529,520
Filed: June 8, 2015

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Current U.S. Class: D14/485; D14/489
Current International Class: 1404
Field of Search: ;D14/485-495

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Primary Examiner: Ly; Darlington
Assistant Examiner: Domino; Daniel J
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Michael Best and Friedrich LLP


The FIGURE is a front view of a display panel or screen with graphical user interface showing our new design.

The broken lines showing a display panel or screen is provided for the purposes of illustrating portions of the article and forms no part of the claimed design.

* * * * *

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